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Letter from the President

Dear STAR Members,

Over the last three years, STAR’s attendance at events has fallen off. This year, we reached the point where we are no longer able to meet each venue’s minimum attendance.

Over the years, the Board has diligently suggested and tried different programs and structures to help re-energize our membership and attract guests. Unfortunately, these efforts have not created the necessary resurgence in attendance. As a result, the Board has decided to terminate the La Jolla and Carlsbad meetings effective immediately. The Downtown meetings will continue through November.

Joel Siegel and Jon Nalbandian have taken the initiative to chair a committee to investigate the reorganization and restructuring of STAR.  It is now time for the membership to participate in this process as this effort will only be successful if current members (and non-members) come together to brain storm in creating a STAR 3.0.

If you are interested in helping remake STAR into a new, vibrant organization, please contact Joel Siegel at or 619-460-5924 or Jon Nalbandian at or 760-827-0640 as soon as possible.

It was a pleasure and honor to serve as your President over the last year. 

Warm regards,

Jay Robinson-Duff

Our Vision

STAR is a network of experienced professionals in the San Diego business community coming together in an environment that connects, empowers, and builds trusting and collaborative business relationships.

STAR Members

STAR is an invitation-only organization for professionals who have spent at least 5 years working in their field. Potential members must be recommended by at least two members in good standing and approved by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors. These criteria ensure that STAR members are truly experienced professionals.

Ideal STAR members are:

•   Trusted Advisors to San Diego Business Owners
•   Experts in Their Field  •   Respected in the Business Community
•   Well Connected   •   Introduction Makers   •   Supportive of Others

If you think you have STAR potential, please visit our Membership Information page to learn more.

Annual Membership Fees
STAR was founded in 2010 as a grassroots, non-profit business organization. STAR has continued to grow since then, led by volunteers and a paid Executive Director. The $100 annual membership fee goes to help support our events and expenses. This fee is payable each year on your membership anniversary.

STAR Membership Benefits

Unique Meeting Format

While each meeting starts with 30 minutes of open networking, what makes STAR unique is our Table Time - a 45 minute period when attendees have the opportunity to learn more about their tablemates both professionally and personally. The Table Time experience allows members and guests to start the “getting to know each other” process crucial to support collaboration between fellow members and encourage referrals outside the group.

Open to Highly Skilled Professionals & Business Owner

STAR does not limit the number of members by profession. All individuals with a minimum of 5 years of experience in their industry and who are invited by a current member are welcome. We strive to be a diverse and open group dedicated to helping our members build their businesses through collaboration with fellow members.

Noncompetitive Seating

Assigned seating for Table Time is meticulously planned to ensure tables are made up of non-competing industries to support relationship building.

Venues throughout San Diego County

STAR meetings are held at venues in three locations each month.

  • The University Club, overlooking beautiful San Diego Bay, in Downtown for a breakfast meeting on the first Thursday of each month.
  • Green Acre Campus Pointe, Chef Brian Malarkey’s farm-to-table restaurant, in La Jolla for a lunch meeting on the third Wednesday of each month.
  • The Crossings Golf Club, with views of the surrounding foothills and golf course, in Carlsbad for a lunch meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month.
All members may attend any or all meetings.

Welcoming Environment

Anyone attending a STAR meeting, whether guest or member, will feel welcomed and at ease. STAR members come together to support one another. We believe that, by assisting each other, our own businesses will naturally grow. If you share this philosophy, we encourage you to attend a meeting.

Please feel free to contact STAR President, Jay Robinson-Duff, with any questions: E-mail Jay

New at STAR


Don't miss this new opportunity to meet other STAR members and get to know them on a deeper level both personally and professionally.

The Nova program allows three to five members of different professions to meet in a casual setting (maybe over a meal, coffee or drinks) in order to build relationships, share ideas and explore opportunities together. Each group will have a facilitator who will organize the gathering.

How do you take advantage? Drop your business card in the bowl at any regular STAR meeting or E-mail Jay. STAR leadership will match you up into groups and let you know the details of your group.

Remember, this is a MEMBERS ONLY perk, so make sure your membership is current!

STAR 2018 Sponsors


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STAR's sponsorship structure has changed! Check out how you can be a year-long STAR sponsor:
Be a STAR Sponsor


STAR's success is highly dependent on our dedicated volunteers. If you'd like to give back to STAR by participating on one of our committees, please see which ones could use your help and expertise:

Event Committee
: coordinate STAR events outside of regular meetings (happy hours, picnics) etc.

Membership Committee: assess guest potential for membership, follow up calls to invite guests back, discuss membership applications.

Marketing Committee Looking for someone to make a scripted marketing announcement monthly at the La Jolla & Carlsbad meetings regarding information for the website and newsletter. Contact the Marketing Committee Chair for more information on how to get involved.

Outreach & Diversity Committee: encourage women and minority attendance as potential members, encourage diversity in types of businesses represented, responsible for coordinating the upcoming speaker series.

Finance Committee: help with STAR's bookkeeping needs.

Sponsorship Committee: help co-ordinate and recruit meeting venue sponsors.

Please contact the  STAR President for more information.

Neither STAR nor any of its board members, officers, executive director, or members endorses, recommends, or supports any of the statements made by any sponsor during any STAR Event or set forth in any sponsor’s materials distributed during any STAR Event. STAR and its board members, officers, executive director, and members hereby expressly disclaim any and all approval or endorsement of any sponsor’s goods and/or services. Further, neither STAR nor any of its board members, officers, executive director, or members makes any claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the statements made by any sponsor during any STAR Event or information contained in any sponsor’s materials and distributed during any STAR Event.

If you’re already a STAR member, we look forward to seeing you soon at an event. If not, and you think you have STAR potential, please visit our Membership Information page to learn more.

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