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How to Become a Member

STAR is an invitation-only organization for trusted advisors interested in making new connections to enhance their ability to serve clients. Members believe it’s important to have access to a network of experts in fields other than their own, so they can provide added value when clients’ needs fall outside their area of expertise.
STAR members must have at least 5 years of experience in their profession. Applicants with less time of service may be accepted for membership if they’re highly qualified or possess a unique skill.

How to Become a Member

The process to join STAR isn’t onerous, but it does require some effort on the part of prospective members. It also gives the organization the opportunity to ensure that only high-caliber trusted advisors are granted the privilege of becoming a STAR member. Prospective members must:
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in your field.
  • Attend your first STAR meeting as a hosted guest of a STAR member, then attend a minimum of two more meetings - no more than six total - before applying for membership. (Sorry, non-members cannot invite guests.)
  • Submit your online membership application located at -> Membership Tab -> Apply for Membership button (at bottom of page).
  • Submit your bio (or link to your LinkedIn profile) directly to:
  • Ask two active STAR members to send letters of recommendation directly to the membership chair at: Member Recommendation Form
  • Provide a credit card online for your STAR first year membership and name badge. (Once approved, $125 will be charged to activate your membership.)
  • Consent to a background check by the Membership Committee (Better Business Bureau, appropriate regulatory bodies, e.g., Board of Realtors, the California Bar, etc.).
We will email you once the STAR Board has reviewed your application and notify you of their decision. 

Annual Membership Fee

STAR was founded in 2010 as a grassroots, non-profit business organization.  STAR has continued to grow since then, led by volunteers.  


Now in its seventh year, STAR’s expenses have grown along with it. That’s why, as of July 1st, 2017 STAR will institute a modest annual membership fee of $100. That’s under $9 a month.


This small annual fee will provide STAR with a financial base to help support its monthly programs.  Meal charges barely cover STAR’s expenses. And, each venue has minimum charges, whether STAR meets them or not.


A small annual membership fee will help offset these expenses. All other costs will remain unchanged at this time.


STAR’s mission is to connect seasoned advisors in the community. And it will remain among the lowest priced business-to-business organizations in San Diego.


Please feel free to contact STAR President Anna Romanskaya with any questions at


Membership Fee Q&A


Question: Why is STAR instituting a membership fee?

Answer: A modest $100 annual fee will help STAR cover basic expenses, such as food costs at events. STAR’s meal costs are fixed though each venue has a catering minimum and can charge late fees for last minute registrants, and attendance can vary by month and venue.


Question: Is this membership fee permanent?

Answer: Yes.


Question: How will I be billed by STAR?

Answer: On July 1 2017, a $100 annual membership fee will appear on your profile. You will need to pay this to keep your membership active to attend events and obtain member pricing.  In a year, you will be automatically directed to renew your membership.


Question: In addition to meals, what other expenses does STAR have?

Answer: With the exception of Judy Susser-Travis, CMP, CMM, STAR is an all-volunteer organization. As our Executive Director, Judy plays a vital, if limited, role in STAR’s administration and operations. This is especially true in preparing for STAR’s monthly meetings.  Other ancillary expenses include STAR's website and host Club Express fees, PO Box, phone line, credit card transaction fees, bank fees, insurance, taxes, etc.

How to Maintain STAR Membership

In addition to staying current on membership dues, members must:
  • Attend at least six STAR events each calendar year
  • Bring at least three qualified guests to STAR events each calendar year, paying for their first visit
  • Purchase a STAR badge
Members who fail to adhere to these requirements will be removed from the STAR roster.


If you’d like to learn more about STAR membership, we invite you to visit the
FAQ page to see if your question has been answered, or contact the Membership Committee. If you want to apply for membership please click on the button below.

Apply for Membership

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